Organizing Beyond Bernie: March 14, 2pm at 211 4th Ave E, Olympia Lamplighters

Join Olympia DSA to discuss how to best carry on organizing for democratic socialist values past the election! RSVP here

The Washington primary will be over in a week. In a matter of months we will know the Democratic nominee, and by November we will know the next President. But a President Sanders will not be able to enact a historically progressive agenda without mass, organized popular support; and goals like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal are too important to give up on simply because of one electoral defeat. Whatever happens in this election, the basic math is the same: if Bernie loses, the fight continues! And, if Bernie wins, the fight continues!

We need to continue to build the democratic socialist movement that can sustain these fights no matter what happens in the next year. The amount of energy and enthusiasm shown for the Sanders campaign demonstrates just how much latent power a socialist movement can have in this country when we get organized. The Democratic Socialists of America has been working to catalyze that energy since before Bernie's first run, and we are committed to that work through 2021 and beyond. Together, we can build a democratic, working class political institution that can fight in the streets, in our workplaces, and at the ballot box for a more just world. By fighting for Housing and Medicare for All, by growing and empowering unions, by running democratic socialist candidates like Rebecca Parson, Heidi Sloan, and Rashida Tlaib, we can build the working class power we need to build a better world.

At this event, we will discuss the major challenges and opportunities for continuing the Sanders momentum past the election and how best to get organized to do that work. Everyone who has been excited about the hope and possibility demonstrated by the Sanders campaign is welcome. Bring friends, family, and coworkers, too! RSVP here.