The Olympia DSA Executive Committee has added our signature to the following statement, prepared and circulated by the Corder Agricultural Workers Project (CTAF), on the mass shooting in El Paso in early August:

Hereby, the undersigned organizations and groups from Mexico and the United States express our solidarity and support for the Border Agricultural Workers Project (CTAF) and the families of those affected by the terrorist attack perpetrated by a White supremacist and neo-fascist emboldened and promoted by the daily hateful rhetoric of the president of the united states and his racist cabinet.

We denounce what happened on August 3 at the Wal-Mart at Cielo Vista in El Paso, Texas as a racially motivated domestic terrorist attack against Mexicans and immigrants with the intention of increasing violence against all of us who share brown skin, regardless of our immigration status or country of origin.

At the same time, we declare that this not an isolated incident. Racist violence has always existed and has never ceased. From the public lynching perpetrated by whites, ranchers and the Texas Rangers, to the local and border police killings in our barrios. We also point to the racist policies of marginalization, impoverishment and death which constitute the backbone of the institutional and structural violence against every person of color in this country, and which have generated this migratory crisis of those that are resisting and refusing to remain in their countries to die of hunger and violence generated by corrupt governments and US interventions.

Now, the president of the US has given the green light so that those who endorse white supremacy and neo-fascism, together with those who use it for their economic interests, materialize that racism openly through violence. Let's not forget the armed anti-immigrant and racist groups that have operated with impunity, sometimes alongside the local police, ICE and the border patrol.

We call on all political representatives of both parties, that as long as the situation of insecurity for our communities remains unchallenged because of the promoted xenophobia and white supremacy, we will have no alternative but to look for ways to protect our communities, resist, and fight against the onslaught that we are suffering more openly today, and which has always been present since the arrival of the first Europeans to this part of the world.

We hold the authorities accountable for ensuring the integrity and security of our Friends and family at the Border Agricultural Workers Project, and other sister organizations who have historically fought for the rights of the marginalized, the poor, agricultural workers, peasants, and immigrants in that border region and who have now become targets for white supremacist terrorism that has been unleashed. Especially in El Paso, where the armed group United Constitutional Patriots has been operating for the last few months with impunity in the Anapra area, detaining migrants at gunpoint with high-powered weapons such as the one used by the terrorist that perpetrated the attack in that same city.

We share the sorrow and rage which you all, who are our family, friends in struggle, and border community of El Paso-Ciudad Juarez carry. Your fallen are our fallen, your wounded are our wounded, the attack on you was an attack on all of us!

Never Again!