The Olympia Local of the Democratic Socialists of America is proud to endorse Joshua Collins for US Congress. Joshua is a democratic socialist, a supporter of medicare for all and a green new deal, and a strong advocate for workers rights! We are excited to begin our campaign to get one more socialist in Congress!

Whereas Joshua Collins is running against incumbent representative Dennis Heck for the 10th Congressional District that represents Olympia and parts of Thurston, Mason and Pierce county;

Whereas Joshua Collins is running on a platform that includes the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, expanding tenants rights, building public housing, revitalizing unions, demilitarization of the police, and many other necessary policy proposals;

Whereas Joshua Collins is a democratic socialist, member of Democratic Socialists of America, and a member of the working class running to represent the working people of Washington’s 10th Congressional District

Whereas Representative Dennis Heck has shown opposition to policy proposals such as Medicare for All and a Green New Deal;

Whereas Olympia DSA could be part of a coalition to replace an incumbent centrist Democrat with a 25 year old democratic socialist truck driver;

Therefore be it resolved:

That the Olympia chapter of Democratic Socialists of America hereby endorses Joshua Collins in his race for Washington’s 10th Congressional District; be it further

That Olympia DSA further encourages members to get involved in Joshua Collins’ campaign; be it further

And that members of Olympia DSA should take part in the Joshua Collins campaign to further promote our socialist vision and to remove from power someone who actively opposes our vision.