Jacobin Reading Group

Oly DSA hosts a Jacobin Reading Group that meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 6PM at Orca Books, 509 E. 4th Ave. Olympia, WA 98501. We generally discuss three or four short articles of interest to socialists published primarily, though not exclusively, in Jacobin. Contact us at jacobin@olydsa.com for more information. All are welcome!

This month we're talking about internationalism. With capitalism operating across borders, the fight for socialism must too. We've got a little history and a couple of articles analyzing concrete struggles where interntaionalism has been a critical feature.

For a good short overview of internationalism generally, check out the Wikipedia entry.

A new issue of Jacobin is out entitled, "Childhood." Life under capitalism profoundly shapes the lives of both children and parents. This issue examines some of the ways that interaction shapes us as individuals and our society more broadly. It also suggests some ways in which socialism could lead to fuller and richer childhoods and therefore lives for us all.

If you are not a Jacobin subscriber and any of these articles are still paywalled, we've made them accessible here for the reading group.

Between conducting mass arrests and deportations, tearing families apart, and throwing people (even children) in for-profit concentration camps, Trump's right-wing "deportaion force" is ratcheting up the war on immigrants. If you want to better understand the struggle for immigrant rights or the best ways to fight back, we're talking about immigration, borders, and internationalism this month. Come for a lively discussion, pick up some new facts, and practice your arguments so you can convince your liberal uncle (and maybe even your conservative aunt) that we really do need to abolish ICE.

Issue: 1968

This month the Jacobin time machine is taking us back to 1968, the high water mark of the "New Left" socialist resurgance in the 1960s.

(If any of the articles are still paywalled and you aren't a subscriber, email us at dsaolympia@gmail.com for access.)

This month we're talking about gentrification and the rising costs of housing. We'll discuss three articles that describe the problen and two possible solutions to deal with it. Join us at our new location at Orca Books!