Socialist Feminism

To mark International Women's Day, a commemoration initiated by American socialists and solidified as an internation event on March 8 by its role in the Russian Revolution, our reading group this month will focus on socialist feminism. For a fun bit on the socialist roots of the holiday (in the New York Times, no less!) you can read Kristen Ghodsee's article "Have You Wished Your Mother a Happy International Women's Day?". For our discussion, you can read and listen to the following material:

  • The Combahee River Statement, developed by a "collective of Black feminists...involved in the process of defining and clarifying our politics, while...doing political work within our own group and in coalition with other progressive organizations and movements."
  • "What is Socialist Feminism" by Barbara Ehrenreich (including her brief contemporary notes on a now 40 year old essay)
  • "Feminism for the 99 Percent" an interview with Tithi Bhattacharya on Jacobin Radio's The Dig.