Freedom, Equality, Solidarity

The Olympia Local of the Democratic Socialists of America

We are the local chapter of DSA, the largest socialist organization in the United States. We are working in Olympia and the South Sound to empower working people and create a more free and equal world, whether that is through universal healthcare, housing for all, or strong, democratic unions.

We hold our general membership meetings on the third Saturday of every month, at 4pm at 119 Washington St in downtown Olympia. People who are new to DSA are welcome, but we encourage folks who are interested to reach out to us ahead of time at That way, we can provide some orientation and maybe meet in person head of time, either for a quick meeting over coffee or at one of our monthly Socials.

Socialist Socials

Members, new and old, and anyone interested in the Local are encouraged to come to our monthly Socialist Socials, at Vic's Pizzaria (223 Division St NW, Olympia) at 6pm on the second Friday of the month. A great time to get to know your fellow socialists, have good conversations, and good food!

If you would like more information or if you are interested in joining and would like a chance to meet one of our organizers, please contact us at

Olympia DSA Statement on Patriot Front

“First they came for the communists…”

A few dozen Olympians awoke earlier this month to find propaganda in their yards from the right-wing organization “Patriot Front.” Similar flyers were distributed in Tacoma, Seattle, and elsewhere. Along with the group’s web address, they all carried the same simple message: a picture of a hammer and sickle with an arrow through it and the words “Better Dead than Red.”

Why did they choose to target socialists? Fascists hate and fear socialists because we stand for everything they despise. We fight for a multi-ethnic society built upon the values of solidarity, equality, and democracy. At its core, our driving philosophy is one of profound compassion, love, and respect for all people. Because of it, we fight for the marginalized and oppressed, to increase the voice and political power of ordinary working people of all races and backgrounds. We work not just to lessen oppression, but to end it once and for all, so that all people can live together as equals.

On the other hand, fascists believe in domination and exclusion. Patriot Front’s manifesto states their belief that the only true Americans are those of (white) European heritage.They believe American (white) culture is being wiped out by “replacement migration.” This ideology is designed to drive people apart, by playing on their fears of others. Fascism finds fertile ground when Americans see every Mexican as a job-stealer, when whites see every black man as a “thug," when the well-to-do see every homeless person as a bum, when educated professionals see every member of the working class who is white as a Trump supporter.

Fascists hate socialists not simply because our belief in equality and solidarity is offensive to their ideas of racial hierarchy. Presumably, Patriot Front did this because they know enough history to realize that socialists and communists have always been among the first to challenge fascism wherever it has emerged and the last to keep fighting to see that it is defeated. American socialists rallied against the Klan and in support of the Scottsboro Boys when racial integration was still a completely radical position. German socialists were fighting the Nazis in the streets years before WWII broke out.

Today, socialists insist that Americans understand the suffering that drives migration and the pain of leaving home behind. We insist that whites see the fetters than constrain the choices of black men living in underdeveloped ghettos. We demand that people face the brutal systemic violence against transgendered Americans. We insist that home- and business-owners acknowledge the pain caused by poverty and homelessness.

Socialists are a target for fascists not simply because of our implacable opposition to their ideology of hierarchy and oppression. They fear us because we stand with the main force that can triumph over fascism: the power of human love and solidarity. We believe that all people are equal - regardless of their color, nationality, sex, gender, or creed; that we all must care for one another; and most importantly - that standing together, we have the strength to throw off the forces of those who wish to oppress us.