Olympia Democratic Socialists of America passed the following statement in regards to the opportunistic accusations of antisemitism against Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar:

WHEREAS the State of Israel is an important client of the United States and a regional proxy for the global imperial ambitions of the United States. WHEREAS there is a powerful lobby group advocating for continued political and military support by the United States for the State of Israel, which is an important component of the patron-client relationship between the US and Israel. WHEREAS the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which describes itself as “America’s pro-Israel lobby”, is a central component of this lobby group. WHEREAS AIPAC, in conjunction with other pro-Israel lobbies such as Christian Zionists and weapons manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, builds support for the occupation of Palestine. WHEREAS criticism of the State of Israel or its political advocates is not anti-semitic. WHEREAS Ilhan Omar’s comments in the past week (suggesting that attacks against her for criticizing the actions of the State of Israel were motivated by the significant amount of money that is coordinated by AIPAC) were reasonable, and correctly identified lobbyists and political corruption as the problem. WHEREAS reactionary politicians and other commentators have dishonestly and opportunistically attacked Congresswoman Omar with bad faith characterizations, suggesting that any suggestion money is a tool used by the Israel lobby, or even acknowledging the existence of said lobby, is anti-semitic. WHEREAS Congresswoman Omar has become a target for these attacks because she is a strong voice on the Left, a democratic socialist, a critic of US imperialism, a black woman and a Muslim. WHEREAS Solidarity is the core of democratic socialist politics and the Left more broadly, and especially important to keep those of us who step into the halls of power connected with the movement that put them there. WHEREAS we stand together or fall alone.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Olympia Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America stands with Ilhan Omar against the slanderous accusations of anti-Semitism thrown against her and urges her to remain strong against the abuse she has received. FURTHERMORE Olympia DSA declares that this outpouring of bile from the lackeys of the rich and powerful, including barbaric murderers like Elliot Abrams, is a sure sign that they see Congresswoman Omar as a threat. FURTHERMORE Olympia DSA declares that Congresswoman Omar should wear with pride the calumny of such people, as it means she is carrying forward the cause of the exploited and passed against those who would keep the world in chains.