Socialism 101 Nov 7th, 2020 3-4:30pm Want to spend your Covid-19 isolation sharpening your analytical senses and building your historical knowledge? Join the Education Committee for the inauguration of our Socialist Night School! This will include a lecture followed by a discussion informed by selected optional readings. Register here to participate in this online meeting.

Our next session, on Nov 7th at 3pm, will continue our three-session course on the history of socialism. This course will discuss the history of communism in the 20th century.

Primary readings, in order (Don't worry, they're short)

The Principles of Communism, Frederick Engels (1847):

Economics and Politics in the Era of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, V.I. Lenin (1919):

Toward a Critical Reassessment of Maoism, Khalil Hassan, (Freedom Road 2003)

What Maoism Actually Stood For, Max Elbaum (2004):

The Cuban Revolution and Marxist Theory, Mage, Wohlforth and Robertson (1960):

Extra readings to skim if you have time:

*Marxism-Leninism (long but definitely worth a skim):

*Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (skim):

*Communist Party USA (skim):

The World Revolution That Wasn't, Loren Balhorn (Jacobin 2019):