Socialism 101 Oct 31st, 2020 3-4:30pm Want to spend your Covid-19 isolation sharpening your analytical senses and building your historical knowledge? Join the Education Committee for the inauguration of our Socialist Night School! This will include a lecture followed by a discussion informed by selected optional readings. Register here to participate in this online meeting.

Our next session, on Oct 31st at 3pm (spoooooky), will open our three-session course on socialist history, beginning with the origins of modern socialism in the 19th century, the development of and conflicts between different strategies, and the crisis int he Socialist International caused by the First World War. The next two sessions will address the history of 20th Century Communism and the history of 20th Century Social Democracy.

Readings:(Choose ONE of the following) The Proud Tower (Chapter 8: The Socialists), by Barbara Tuchman: Narrative history of pre-war Europe aimed at a general audience, this book is a great introduction to the period. Written by a non-socialist. Free Download.

Forging Democracy (Part I: Making Democracy Social), by Geoff Eley (2002): Mainstream academic history of the European left 1850-2000. Author is left-sympathetic, being a member of Democracy for America and donating to Bernie Sanders and Mike Gravel. Free Download.