Radio Socialist Olympia is the podcast of the Olympia Democratic Socialists of America, devoted to socialist perspectives on politics, society, and the economy here in the South Sound.

In our inaugural episode, we interview two OlyDSA-endorsed candidates for the Washington State House of Representatives, Marianna Everson running in Legislative District 19, and Mary Ellen Biggerstaff running in LD22 for the November 2020 election. We discuss their campaigns and running for office as socialists; the COVID pandemic and the need for Medicare for All; and the protests following George Floyd's murder and the growing calls to defund police.

Since this episode was recorded, Mary Ellen Biggerstaff has received the endorsement of the national organization of Democratic Socialists of America.

Episode notes:

In the discussion, there is mention of socialist writings on racism and policing in the US. For those interested, we recommend:

Radio Socialist Olympia · Episode 1: Interview with Marianna and Mary Ellen