Welcome to the third episode of Why We're Socialists (and not Liberals). In this episode we go discuss ultraleftism, where it came from, and what to do about it. As we will continue to do, we have included our sources so you can read them for yourself.

The Liberal to Ultraleft Pipeline, Patrick Dalton, 2021

Liberalism, Ultraleftism, or Mass Action? Peter Camejo, 1970

Anatomy of the Micro-Sect, Hal Draper, 1973

Left-wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder, Lenin, 1920

Exiting the Vampire Castle, Mark Fisher, 2013

Ultraliberalism: The Dominant Tendency of the American Left, Ramsin Canon, 2022

You Can’t Fake It, by Alex Gourevitch, Current Moment and Jacobin, 2017

1947 Taft-Hartley Substantive Provisions, National Labor Relations Board

Amendment to Resolution 5 – Building Worker Power to Win Democratic Socialism: A Labor Strategy for DSA in 2021-2023, Socialist Alternative.

Related reading

The Poisoned Chalice of Hashtag Activism, Amber A'lee Frost, Catalyst

NGOism: The Politics of the Third Sector, Benjamin Y. Fong and Melissa Naschek